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Our Mission

The Sturgis Parent Association’s (SPA’s) mission is to foster a greater overall high school experience for Sturgis students and their families. We facilitate communication between Sturgis families and the school administrators, contribute valuable resources and organize programs and activities to support the overall Sturgis community.

To bring our mission to life, SPA hosts and supports many events throughout the year including fundraising events, opportunities for parents to get to know one another and providing hospitality to Sturgis staff or at school functions. Below are some events we have coordinated in recent years:

  • Back-to-School Faculty Breakfast
  • Boxwood Night
  • Cookies at the Hyannis Holiday Stroll
  • Staff Appreciation Dinner
  • Parent Socials
  • Annual Auction

Through our fundraising efforts we have provided valuable resources to support technology upgrades, safety equipment, the Junior/Senior Prom, Boys/Girls State program, upgrades to the science labs, educational trips, annual scholarships for Sturgis graduates and more!

Thinking of Getting Involved?

SPA offers many ways to contribute and make new connections – from volunteering for an event to joining committees or attending meetings.